Sea Cucumber (GAMAT)


Sea Cucumber (Gamat)are marine invertebrates (boneless) living in benthic and 
deep sea areas. Sea cucumbers cover 90% of the seabed biomass, thus they are an important 
component of the marine ecosystem. The total number of sea cucumber species is estimated to 
exceed 1500 with new species being discussed every year thus proving that the ability of 
humans to explore the secrets of nature is actually very limited as Allah



"Say (O Muhammad): "If all kinds of oceans were used as ink to write the words of my Lord, 
of course the ocean would dry up before the words of my Lord ran out, even if We added an 
ocean comparable to it, as a help" - ( Surah Al-Kahfi: 109).
According to Prof. Ridzwan Hashim, various local names for Malaysian sea cucumber  
have been given according to local ethnic groups, such as bat, balat (Sabah), trepang 
(Indonesia), brunok, hoi-sum (Chinese) or gamat (Malays). The Portuguese call sea cucumber 
as beche-de-mer. The shape, size and color of sea cucumbers are various and depend on the 
For the coastal residents of Peninsular Malaysia, the sea cucumber species Stichopus horrens 
(2012) or more recently Stichopus variegatus from the Genus Stichopus is better known as the 
'gold sea cucumber(gamat)' because of its body color which sometimes looks like a golden cob in 
the water. This species of sea cucumber is the most famous species among traditional medicine 
practitioners as a source of medicines in traditional treatment. Sea cucumber of this species is 
only eaten to treat an internal disease. However, it must be understood here, Sea cucumbers 
are sea cucumbers and not all sea cucumbers are sea cucumbers!
In fact, the story about sea cucumber is told in the Al Quran:

Sea Cucumber (Gamat)

Sea Cucumber(Gamat) gets its food from the essence of the soil which is the nutrient found in the sand at 
the bottom of the ocean by sucking the sand into its mouth. Through the process of osmosis, 
all the nutrients found in the soil are absorbed into the sea cucumber's body. Then, the 
scum was removed from the sea cucumber's body to become "fertilizer" for other creatures on 
the ground at the bottom of the ocean. That's why, if you get an original sea cucumber, when 
you split its body, you will find that there are grains of sea sand in its body. That's why
sea cucumber is very rich in soil essence. It is the only seafood that has zero cholesterol.



Today we see why humans often get sick and many diseases exist because we eat less food 
than the essence of the earth. This is told in the Al-Quran about the origin of human 
existence which is derived from the essence of the earth.
Sea Cucumber (Gamat) – Warisan Malaysia
Since several hundred years ago, the Malay community has been using sea cucumber as a 
multi-purpose medicine and health food to prevent disease, stay healthy and fit. According 
to the Legend of Langkawi, Puteri Mahsuri used sea cucumber for internal and external 
health. The famous Chinese Medicine book also records the greatness and effectiveness
of sea cucumber similar to "Ginseng" from the sea.
The total number of sea cucumber species (types) is estimated at 1100 species worldwide. 
In Malaysian waters, there are more than 43 types of sea cucumber on beaches such as Langkawi, 
Pangkor, Terengganu, Sabah and Sarawak. But there are only 4 types of sea cucumber that are safe 
without side effects to eat and use as a source of traditional medicine.
The color of the sea cucumber is various, usually mixed; gray, black, brown, white with 
hotam spots and so on. In fact, the species with the highest medical value, nutritious and 
high quality is the golden yellow sea cucumber which is the golden sea cucumber (scientific 
name is Stichopus horrens (2012) formerly known as Stichopus hermanii).
Scientific Studies & Research On Sea Cucumber (Gamat)
Various studies have been conducted in the United States, Australia, Japan and Korea to 
identify the medical value and miracle of sea cucumber. It helps people overcome high blood 
pressure problems, asthma, rheumatism, wounds, diabetes and many others.
Sea Cucumber (Gamat) "Malaria's new weapon", a study by London researchers as reported in 
The Star newspaper, December 24, 2007, Monday.
Local scientists also undergo various studies on this mysterious sea cucumber such as the 
following 2 institutions:
1. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

The effectiveness of sea cucumber (Stichopus variegatus) against the following
diseases / conditions:

  1. Shrinking the uterus. (Good for postpartum women)
  2. Cardiovascular (blood vessels) Normalizes blood pressure to a normal level
  3. Wound healing Anti-bacterial (personal hygiene, especially for women who suffer from vaginal discharge)


2. Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIAM)
-Professor of Biomedical Sciences and Deputy Director of Campus, UIAM, Kuantan.
His interest in sea cucumber began in 1983 while serving at the UKM branch campus, Sabah. The results of his research, have been published in the following works :
1.Sumber Makanan Laut Sabah (1993) published by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka – the first publication in this field in Malaysia.
2.Gamat (2004) published by Luxor Network Sdn Bhd. In this book, he states that the species of golden sea cucumber is very safe to eat and has the highest therapeutic and nutritional value!
3.Sea Cucumbers : A Malaysian Heritage (2007), published by UIAM.
He and his research group have undergone various studies on the effectiveness of sea cucumber (Stichopus variegatus) against the following diseases / conditions:
1.Analgesic effect (Natural pain reliever)
2.Induced arthritis
3.Coronary artery (blood vessel)
4.Prevents stomach cramping response
5.Leukocytes (white blood cells)
7.Anti-cancer & others as per the following table:
Nutrients & Benefits Of Royal Gamat Liquid
1. It is a health food, it helps to prevent and cure sickness while maintaining the health and vitality of the body. 
2. It can reduce the vein pain, nerves and pain in body muscles and joints. For joint problems caused by wear or dryness of the ‘grease oil’ liquid, Sea Cucumber (Gamat) is the answer because the combination of Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulphate (GAGS) found in it helps reduce inflammation and the active compounds found in sea cucumber(Gamat) reproduce the liquid layer of ‘grease oil’.
3.Many people do not know that sea cucumber(Gamat) contains 90% natural collagen protein and contains high antioxidants that work against free radicals that damage cells including skin cells and it also :
- Stimulates skin beauty
- Improve blood circulation
- Strengthens the structure, softens and slows down the aging process on the skin.

In other words, it is the SECRET OF YOUTH.

4.It is also good for postpartum women, helping to heal surgical wounds and restore the function of the reproductive system. In Gamat there is a substance called Serine that helps heal wounds, especially after childbirth. Its serine content is 2.5 times higher than haruan fish. In addition, gamat is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and bioactive compounds that are good for wound healing.The effect of the wound on the part can be rejoined without leaving a scar and dries faster.

5.For mothers who have just given birth, it is good to increase the content of body milk and it contains high Omega-3 for the development of the baby’s brain and baby’s growth.

6.It can accelerate energy recovery and increase energy for you to stay active, especially those who are active in exercise and sports because Sea Cucumber(Gamat) is rich in protein.
7.It help healing ulcers, gastric and intestinal bleeding. Gastric occurs because the layer of fluid that separates the surface of the stomach wall and the acid in the stomach becomes thin layer causing wounds on the stomach wall as a result of excessive acid erosion earlier. – Sea Cucumber(Gamat) helps to rebuild this layer of fluid and improve the digestion & digestive system.
– This is important in order to prevent the situation from getting worse to the level of stomach cancer or colon cancer.
8.It helps to reduce the symptoms of constipation and cure hemorrhoids. According to statistics in Malaysia, among 10 adult men, 7 of them suffer from hemorrhoids.
9.It contains natural sedatives that help calm the mind and reduce stress.For women who are pregnant, Sea Cucumber(Gamat) can help to reduce the symptoms of “blues” or “post natal depression”
10.For those who often take panadol or painkillers, stop the practice immediately because according to some studies a panadol that enters your body, will be stored for a year and a half to be digested by the body. AND scary it is stored in the liver or kidneys and long-term effects, it affects other health problems as well.Good news, according to research, Sea Cucumber(Gamat)contains substances that act like natural ‘morphine’ which acts as a sedative (analgesic) or as a natural pain reliever.
11.It can reduce the problem of sinuses and asthma or fatigue. It helps by reducing the effects of allergies that cause the above problems as well as re-strengthening the immune system to overcome the effects of allergies.
12.Recent studies by scientists have found that sea cucumber(Gamat) can treat & prevent cancer by repairing damaged cells & preventing cell mutation, stimulating the growth of new cells & re-strengthening weak cells.
13.It can heal burnt skin, revives and repairs body tissues & cells.
14. It can remove toxins from the body.
15.It can stop cough, flu (remove phlegm), especially for babies who have cough problems or phlegm will come out through feces or vomit.
16.It can reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and also dissolves cholesterol plaques that have hardened in blood vessels. For those of you who have cholesterol problems, it is advisable to re-examine after 3 months so that the reading level is accurate.
17.It can help reduce the burden of pain due to diseases such as lung, low blood pressure, impotence, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, gout etc.
The TV3 program aired "Health and Beauty Secrets from the East - Sea Cucumber(Gamat)" 
in 2007. According to him, this secret has been passed down from generation to generation 
by the ancestors among the Malay community until now. Massaging using sea cucumber (Gamat)oil 
and the practice of eating sea cucumber(Gamat) is believed to heal internal wounds, in addition 
to giving a slim and beautiful body to a mother after giving birth. Massaging the 
hair with sea cucumber(Gamat) oil can also strengthen the hair structure and make the hair 
healthy. Continuous use of sea cucumber(Gamat)face products allows the face to become smooth, 
soft and beautiful.

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