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RZ Health & Beauty was incorporated on 21st September 2017 under the Company Act 1968 as Sole Proprietorship.

This Company is selling Health and Beauty related products online and offline.

The main health and beauty products is made of  Sea Cucumber (Gamat). We also selling De Xandra car perfume and fragrances. Besides that this company also provide the following services i.e. :-

  1. Mobile Spa Services Exclusive For Women.
  2. Consultation Services.
  3. Professional Coaching , Mentoring and Training for the following areas i.e. Live Coaching and Business Coaching. Click to the Coaching Live Centre Website for details :- Coaching Live Centre Website

This Company VISION is to help many people to acquire positive mental health with high energy level to Lead a Positive and Healthier Lifestyle.

This Company MISSION is to provide the best customer supports and services for our customers. To grow the business with customers and to train more people to become ENTREPRENEUR.

Founder, RZ Health & Beauty, Raja Zarina


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